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Who We Are?

Naveen Mann Law Firm is a full-service law firm that offers a wide range of legal services for various legal issues. Our offices provide the best quality legal services to domestic and international clients from worldwide. The firm’s main Law Offices in New Delhi offer a broad range of legal services.

Our Divorce Lawyer in Delhi help you in filing and defending your divorce case. We have a group of expert Divorce Lawyers that can assist you in winning your case. We are the firm to look to it for complete professional counsel on both civil and criminal problems. It is one of the top law firms in Delhi because of the number of legal services to its clients. It has now become a symbol of trust and transparency. As a result, if you believe you require effective and practical legal solution to your concerns, contact a Naveen Mann law firm in India.

Advocate Naveen Mann Law Firm

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Why Us?

Every successful legal firm is built on the dedication of its associates and the confidence of its customers. Advocates at Naveen Mann Law Firm are well-versed in the facts and the law; we are aware of legal interpretation, laws, and all recent revisions and judgments, which helps us handle all of our cases most efficiently and effectively.

Our clients prefer us not only because of our knowledge but also because of the way we handle every case; we don’t believe in missing a single deadline because we understand the value of our clients’ time and the sensitivity of the matter, as well as their lives, and that is why we believe in making the most of every single date to avoid any unnecessary delays. We give our complete attention to all of our clients’ concerns.

Naveen Mann Law Firm is also to be preferred because we provide every single detail to our clients related to their matter, we prepare the proper strategy and discuss it with our clients without hiding anything, we give them the best advice, we tell them about potential future problems and come up with the best solution for them. We contact our clients before they call us, and no matter how hectic our schedules are or how many sessions we have scheduled in different courts in a single day, we always remember to offer updates to our clients before they ask for them. We recognize and value the importance of time, money, and life.

The main reasons why you should choose us:

  • In-Court Legal Representation That Is Aggressive
  • Confidentiality and ethics are emphasized
  • Appropriate Fee and Billing Structure
  • Impactful, result-oriented solutions
  • Extensive experience working with NRIs and international clients
  • Client satisfaction and case updates regularly
  • International Presence in All Parts of the Globe
  • A one-stop place for all legal needs

Our Expertise

Divorce Lawyer

Marriage is said to be made in heaven, but does it stay that way for the rest of your life? While some marriages do survive, others are destined to fail for a variety of reasons! When all a couple wants is a breath of fresh air, things may get exceedingly complex and perplexing. Who better to give you what you need than a competent divorce lawyer!

Criminal Lawyer

Our services, which also come within the category of fighting criminal charges, are driving this endeavor forward. Let us confront the facts: crime in our nation is on the rise. Even though it is a growing country, the number of criminal cases is increasing every day. If you look at the most current statistics, one of the most surprising findings will be the increase in crime in our nation. As a result, you’ll require a qualified criminal lawyer to combat the nerve-wracking situations of injustice.

Bail Lawyer

Many of you may have had times when you believed you were under an improper conviction. This is where finding the correct bail lawyer to assist you with the necessary procedures becomes vitally important. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a reputable bail lawyer. We offer something for everyone, and with a team of skilled bail lawyers on staff, we’ll be able to meet your demands in various ways.

Cheque Bounce

We live in a digital era where liquid cash is the preferred method of payment. Cheques are one such favored method of withdrawing and depositing funds. But did you know that one out of every ten persons is accused of making a fraudulent check bounce? Yes, because check bounce is a very typical occurrence nowadays. Whether you are a well-known businessman or a regular paid employee, you might easily find yourself in a bank’s check bounce scenario. This can be caused by various factors, including a mismatched signature, insufficient cash in the account, and more

Civil Lawyer

You must have heard that various laws guide and work for the people to show society the proper route if you are a conscious resident of the world. It is not only required to hire a lawyer when a serious crime occurs, but it is also necessary when a legal disagreement arises in one’s personal or professional life. Trusts, titles, wills, divorce, personal conflicts, injuries, and other non-criminal issues are handled by a civil lawyer, often known as a litigator. We focus primarily on civil litigation in civil court as civil lawyers. A civil lawsuit involves two or more people or groups demanding compensation or allowance from the other.

Corporate Lawyer

It’s incredible to see a man or woman dressed elegantly in a suit and carrying a briefcase enter an administration building and begin negotiating movie and series deals. However, in reality, a corporate lawyer’s employment entails a wide range of responsibilities since they are required to represent the company in various situations. A corporation is a legal body formed under state law to conduct different types of enterprises. A corporate lawyer’s responsibilities include organizing records, reviewing partnerships, transactions, litigation, and adhering to legal concerns, among other things.

Hear what our clients have to say about us

On purpose, Naveen Mann Law Firm is one of India’s most respected law firms. The Law Firm and its personnel are highly knowledgeable and helpful. Mr. Naveen handles the cases directly with total transparency and honesty. Overall, my situation was handled professionally, and I felt invigorated as the treatments progressed.

Khyati Bajwa

A professional and charismatic lawyer with exceptional writing and argument abilities. Moreover, even though they manage an international law business, their degree of honesty with their clients is outstanding.

Abhishek Sharma

Mr. Naveen Mann is a wise person who understands your grief. He makes sure that he comprehends your arduous trip and plans the future steps accordingly. I am pretty grateful to Naveen for their support and assistance. I congratulate them on their achievements and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Pankaj Chadha


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There will never be any out-of-pocket expenses on your part. You won’t have to pay us anything until we reach an agreement or a favorable decision in your favor.

We understand the value of open discussion between attorney and client. Although we would want to speak with you on the phone once a week, this is neither realistic nor beneficial. Legal issues have a habit of taking a long time to resolve. It may appear to you that months have passed without movement, but significant behind-the-scenes work is being done to ensure that nothing is forgotten on the day your matter is ready. To keep the cost of legal services low while maximizing communication, we will make every effort to keep you informed of significant developments and promptly reply to your inquiries. We will also notify you when your presence is necessary, whether in our office or court.

Your questions are important to us, and we encourage you to ask them. We are often obliged to leave the workplace, perhaps for days at a time. We meet with clients, research, examine papers, or draught contracts, briefs, or pleadings when at the office. Please get in touch with one of our legal assistants for the most efficient and timely answer since they are familiar with all elements of your case. If the assistant cannot answer your question, we will make every effort to obtain a solution for you or arrange for your attorney to call you as soon as possible, as we recognize your concerns and challenges. Above all, please leave a message so that we are aware of your problem ahead of time. If you do so, we will make every effort to respond to you, even if your attorney is out of the office at the time you contact.