Advocate Naveen Mann

Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

Criminal law practice is the flagship of a most criminal lawyers in Delhi.

Among the various very well known criminal lawyer advocate Naveen Maan is considered to be the best criminal lawyer in Delhi. He is known for handling a lot of comprehensive cases under criminal law. He is known for providing legal protection to his clients and protecting them from the harassment given to them by police after obtaining lawful orders from the high court.

Advocate Naveen man is known for handling various types of successful criminal matters for the different types of clients that may include bodies, corporates, companies, individuals, societies as well as NGOs. He is known for providing his experience guidance in the following matters:

  • Various complaints are to be filed for the dishonour of cheque under section 138 of N.I. Act.
  • Different cases related to marriage offence under dowry prohibition act of Domestic Violence Act of IPC.
  • He is also known for handling various offences case related to drugs that are punishable under the NDPS act.

So if you are looking for a knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Delhi who is holding several years of experience in handling offensive criminal law cases at very affordable fees then you must check out advocate Naveen Mann’s website as he is holding several years of experience in the field of law. Being the best criminal lawyer in Delhi he has worked closely with a lot of clients by helping them to make better decisions. He is known for providing regular advice and has represented the clients in a wide range of criminal cases at different Delhi courts and also provide the right suggestion to them that are best for their life. It could be a challenging job for an individual to find a good criminal lawyer in Delhi as there are thousands of lawyers present there but you cannot check their authenticity. So we suggest you to once go through advocate Naveen Maan’s website to have an idea about his experience and quality of services.