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Divorce Lawyer in Dwarka

In India, Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 offers divorce with mutual consent where parties are separated for a period of 1 year. Requirement for divorce is the parties need to have to live separately for a period of 1 year or more by mutual consent. Matrimonial laws in India are related to marriage, divorce as well as many other related. Marriage Acts for different religions such as Hindus, Muslims, and Christians are different. Law for Hindus as well as others registered under special marriage law mainly makes it difficult to get a divorce unless both the parties give consent. When one partner objects, then the other has to prove their allegations. These allegations could be adultery, insanity and cruelty for getting the court’s seal to get approval.

Experienced And Skilled Lawyer:

Choosing the right divorce lawyer helps to represent you with your important decision during your divorce proceedings. The outcome of divorce proceedings mainly changes the course of your life. It is quite important to invest time in finding the right divorce lawyer in Dwarka to do the best job for you. People would be searching for a divorce lawyer by talking to close friends or family members for personal recommendations. There are professional organizations offering lawyer services that include Naveen Mann Law Firm.

Hiring a well-experienced and skilled lawyer would be suitable for easily handling the case. Our lawyers have detailed knowledge of specific cases. Our divorce lawyer knows tactics as well as various strategies of divorce, so they handle even the complex cases based on the property and financial divisions.

Finding The Right One:

As in any profession or sector, there will be good and bad. It’s up to you to do the appropriate research before hiring the best lawyer. Naveen Mann Law Firm is the leading lawyer ready to listen to your concerns. Our lawyers would give you an honest assessment of the chances of achieving your goals. Naveen Mann Law Firm is well versed in handling –

  • Practices family law or matrimonial law
  • Worked with other professionals that include forensic accountants, custody/parenting experts and CDFA professionals
  • Relevant experience and excellent knowledge of divorce law
  • Skilled Negotiator – Save a great deal of time even without taking the protracted court battle
  • Reasonable – Fair and honest in dealing with the divorce cases for clients
  • Compatible – Friendly and professional divorce lawyers ensure that you are comfortable in talking about the case
  • Total Candid – Lawyers are up-front about what cost for divorce proceeding or how judge likely to rule your issues.
  • Well-versed in dealing with divorce cases
  • More Than A Pretty Face – You would be hiring the best divorce lawyer for handling the case wisely
Professional Solution:

Naveen Mann Law Firm is the leading service-oriented professional law firm mainly assures in providing proactive and effective legal services. Experts are well versed in different fields of law and training. Our team at Naveen Mann Law Firm provides tailor-fit solutions for every legal problem. Expert lawyers efficiently know the balance of out-of-the-box thinking along with legal knowledge.