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End of marriage could be traumatic for both the parties. Should you find yourself in the situation, then you can easily trust advice as well as the guidance of professional divorce lawyers. Divorce is the legal termination of the marriage. Divorce is a legal process mainly comes with a lot of hurdles. The end of relationship could create unsettling as well as emotional. Having a professional legal representative for your case is quite important. Getting legal advice from top divorce lawyers would be a great option. India is a country where people come from various religions. It attributes with different personal laws mainly codified with religious rituals. Matrimonial Laws are mainly based on different jurisdictions in which the divorce is filed.

Requirements For Local Courts To Jurisdiction:

For divorce cases, the requirements for local courts to have the jurisdiction to divorce, children proceedings and property proceedings vary. Normally, the Indian matrimonial statutes contain jurisdictional rules and there are 2 matters involved with jurisdiction:

  • Place in which petition in matrimonial causes are filed
  • The court in which petition in matrimonial cause needs to be filed
  • Court has the jurisdiction based on the following process that includes
  • Place of solemnization of marriage
  • Parties’ domicile
  • Marital residence and residence of the respondent

The Jurisdictional requirements will be the same under Hindu Marriage Act 1955 as well as the Special Marriage Act 1954. Hiring the best divorce lawyer in gurgaon is most important for ensuring that you can get thorough details. The divorce Petition will be presented to the district court in local limits for original civil jurisdiction. These will be

  • Marriage has been solemnized
  • Parties of marriage resided last
  • Petitioner resides where the respondent at that time of presentation of the petition
  • The wife resides on the date of presentation of the petition
  • Resides outside territories also acts extend
  • Person is not heard alive for a period of 7 years or more
“No-Fault” Divorce System:

The “No-fault” divorce system has been introduced by the Family Law Act. It mainly states you are no longer needed for providing proof of any act that included evidence of affair, insanity, drunkenness or applying divorce. Under Indian Divorce Act 1869, the matrimonial cause could be specially presented in court before the district judge even within local limits. Ordinary jurisdiction will be either.

  • Husband and wife last resided together
  • Husband and wife reside
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